Wednesday, May 23, 2007

do you click the ads on other people's sites or blogs?

This is an interesting question. Do you?

My answer would be an honest "yes" if there is something in the ad that interests me. Otherwise, no, why should I? Although we know that owners only get paid for real clicks they get from visitors, Google however is very strict in seeing to it that these clicks are valid and not ones that you yourself had generated. This is a big NO-NO to Google. Going against this rule is cheating and leads to the total banning of your site.

Even if you find an ad to be very interesting and you feel like clicking to it because you want to find out more about it, just hold your reigns and do the valid thing---don't click. Take note of the site, make an exit from your site, then open another window to search for it using Google. That way you don't risk your site being banned.

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Stephen said...

I sometimes click on the ads and programs if I see something that grabs my eye and is extremely catchy to me. Thanks for your comment on MY BLOG! I am new to blogging and would like for us to link up, but I don't know how? Thx.