Thursday, May 10, 2007

what kind of website or weblog do I want to visit?

Personally, I want to go back to sites that are fun and informative. I'd often been frustated many times to be redirected to sites that display nothing but an array of blinking banners and logos all screaming to get clicked. After that first visit, you could never ask me to go back there again. Oftentimes I envy some very popular blogs occupying top ranks because they entice you to make a visit again just to see what boldness the owner has for the day. They swear freely, curse, use effing words in every line, show off their shame and yet their blogs continue to be at the top. One such blog is this where you could see and hear his raw language, unedited and uncensored. He makes sensational stories out of the inane and raises his garbage to a higher level. In short, in this site, most people can identify with the blogger because he is able to let the whole world see and hear what they themselves had wanted to do and say but could not bring themselves to do it.

A website that would be worth revisited is one with the web owner's updated blogs as well as interesting graphics. The page design should first of all be attractive. This one is the first thing that visitors notice.

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