Tuesday, May 29, 2007

where do you get your referrals?

A number of users at Mylot had expressed their desire to have referrals but have no idea how. Here are suggestions or real places where you could get your referals:

1. immediate members of the family provided they are of majority age---I was able to get my son (inactive) and my sister who is now actively participating here (lucky me)

2. neighbors---those with internet is a must

3. friends--close, casual, online or offline

4. officemates

5.other forums

6. classmates (if you are a student)

7. your students (if you're a teacher)---I was able to get many here but they are no longer active
8. others

Even strangers or new acquaintances can become your referrals. When you meet friends, simply ask for their names and e-mail addresses and tell them that you are inviting them to join a discussion group. Remember to always give support to your referrals.

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