Thursday, May 17, 2007

finally got the money!

A phone call to the pgx rep Santi resolved my dilemma in a flash. Through its rep, pgx finally transferred the amount to my bank, making a total of two successful transactions with e-gold via pinoygoldexchange.

I had reasons to be worried when the transfer was not confirmed immediately by pgx. First, was the scamming experience I had with a blogsite where around $68 earnings came to naught. Then the court order for e-gold to discontinue its service, then the zero response I got to the messages I had left at YM.
But everything is okey now. Hurray to Mylot, e-gold, and pgx!

Once more, congratulations to Mylot, e-gold, and pgx for making the whole thing possible here in this part of the planet. Keep it up, guyz!

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