Friday, May 4, 2007

word of warning

Just in case you intend to start your own blog and you are looking for a site that will host it, look no further because will host as many blogs you want to make for free. Setting up a blog is an easy three-step thing. You get to choose your template (also for free) and if you want to be more flexible and different in your page make-up, you can also change your template anytime. If you want to make money from the blogs you have set up, you can do so by putting Adsense ads on your site. No problem.

A word of warning to all those who are in a hurry to earn big bucks. There are many blogsites that offer you quick and easy money by blogging on their sites but which, after you have put in much time and effort, will drop you like a hot potato just when payout time comes around. These sites will just disappear and will no longer answer your e-mail queries and you will be left whining in one corner because you have put in so much of yourself to this blog, only to be cheated at the end of the day.

I used to have two other blogs. One is hosted by this site while the other one was hosted by another blog site called Blogchex. I am still keeping my other blog here at
but I have already junked the other one. So officially as of this writing, I have now two blogs hosted by blogger. What do I have to say on this blog called That, my dear friends, will be the subject of my next blog. Hold on.

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