Friday, May 4, 2007


Many people who earn online still do not understand the value of referrals. In fact in one of the discussions at Mylot there was one user who openly expressed her disgust over people who ask her to be their referral. She would get the link of these sites and delete or remove the referral id that would have connected her as referral to the person or people who gave her the link. This to me is nasty and is a product of ignorance. Her reason? She hates the idea of someone making some earnings out of her efforts. This kind of thinking goes against the principle of growth and development. It stunts communities and stops traffic. It is the killer of all sites.

Let us adopt a more open mind and look at it this way. Referrals is networking. It means linking and more links means more traffic. Having referrals is one of the best methods of growing your business. We all want to grow our sites and our revenues. Bring in more people through referrals. When everybody understands this, finding the right people as referrals will be easy. Look at it as something that gives you and your friend mutual benefits in the form of cash rewards. What's wrong with that? It's fair enough.

The next time someone asks you to sign up as referral, grab the opportunity and start earning. He may get some cents as commissions for referring you but that is his reward. Is that bad?

When all online moneymakers will understand this, everybody will be happy because traffic will increase, linkages will be created, and happiness will be just around the corner.


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