Friday, May 4, 2007

all roads lead to Google

There is no doubt about it. Website owners and publishers looking to earn money online are taking the path leading to the most incredibly powerful advertising machinery that ever existed in the history of advertising. And I mean no less than Google. Everybody's into google. Whether as an ordinary grade school surfer or a professional web master, we all google. Advertisers have found the best place for them to place their ads on targetted audiences. More and more people are logging online for all their daily needs---news coverage, movies, disucssions, everything. It's all here. Let's face it. All our efforts are geared towards getting recognized in the Google search engine because this spells the difference between making real money or not. That is why everybody's getting into the groove now of making their own sites and placing Google ads on them for the purpose of generating income. And we know of many success stories of people who are now earning thousands of dollars per month from ads alone. Their secret is traffic, getting more and more people to visit their site. How does one drive traffic to your site anyway? This is one problem that is not easy to solve. Let us try to talk about this in my next blog, okey? Duty calls.

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