Sunday, May 27, 2007

blog catch of the week

How does it work?

Every week starting this week this blog will feature one weblog which is worthy of your visit. This week's catch is a promising vegan, pet, and beauty blog called It has all the ingredients of a good blog: good header, worthy reads, and relevant daily updates. This blog has already gained loyal followers because the writer here is writing about a passion he is not willing to compromise for anything.

How does one get featured here? Simple. Those who give comments with their url will automatically be visited and featured.

Do you have a blog you would like to share with everyone? Let us know about it. Leave your url here please with your comment.
Please note that on the upper right hand corner of this page you have a list of the blogs on schedule. The order is going to be from the bottom going up. Some of them gave their links or url at Mylot.


wendy said...

Great idea and excellent concept Can't wait to see how it turns out for you But you always do awesome work

Rhodilee said...

Nice idea. I am wondering if I can also make a review of other blogs in my site Jobz Online. Ill give you a buzz if that happens because I will surely make a review of your site.

Ashley said...

Very interesting. Oh, I can't do the tags because they just do not pertain to my site. Thank you for thinking of me though. I think I might make up a tag of my own about writing and tag you, later this week. Have a great day.

StatMan said...

Thanks for offering to feature blogs. My blogs are a Jeep blog at and an Organizational-Tips blog at
Thank you.