Friday, May 11, 2007

people sell their ideas

I am sure you have heard about a number of successful website owners who are now enjoying the fruits of their success in terms of thousands of dollars in revenues per week. This is true and in fact they are putting everything, all their "secrets", in a book which they are sharing but not for free.

Several times I had followed such links to finally get the answer or the formula to online success in money-making. Yes, they want to help. I can read that between the lines, this eagerness to share their finds. But not really. For you need to shelve out a few dollars to get a copy of the e-book.

After being truly motivated and you could not wait to get hold of the whole "secret", comes the real business: MARKETING BOOKS and IDEAS at super low prices. They are everywhere. If you are willing to buy one, you may do so by sending payment through Paypal or credit card.
People are no longer sharing their ideas for free. See? You can actually sell "an idea" by packaging it into an e-book and selling it. So long as there are people who want to know what you have to say about certain issues, there will be orders and money will start pouring in.
It is time to think about it. What is it that you know very well and which people do not know yet and would like to know? If you think this knowledge is marketable, I strongly suggest that you better start writing your e-book

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