Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the issue is with pinoygoldexchange

Before May 15 Mylot sent payments to members whose earnings had reached their set minimum payout.

I was one of those to whom Mylot sent payments through e-gold account. To verify, I accessed my account and checked my balance: $29.92

I left the money there for a couple of days because I wanted to get in touch first with the representative of pinoy gold exchange with whom I successfully did my first transaction with his coaching via yahoo messenger that's why I got my first payout April 15, thanks to him.

Since I found the procedure quite confusing, I did not want to take chances the second time so I sent this pgx rep a number of messages on YM asking for assistance but got no response whatever. I left a message hoping to get a reply later but still, no word from this pgx rep whom everybody calls Santi.

Today, I decided to give it a try. Before I did, I made sure that my money was still with my e-gold account and indeed, it was there, all $29.92---not much but Mylot members know how much work that required to reach that amount.

I followed the procedure taught me the last time which was, to transfer the amount first to pgx account. I did it. I was able to transfer the amount to pgx account after which a batch number was given which I'd need in the next step.

Next came the filling out of the form which asks for personal and bank details. I performed everything so carefully to avoid making mistakes.

After all the required fields were filled, I reached the last stage which was "submit". I clicked it.

A notification came back telling me that the amount I entered was invalid.

I had to retype everything which was very taxing because there were several numbers involved and you have to do these veeeryy slowly. Finally, I clicked "submit" again and the same thing happened. A notice came back saying the same thing--that I had entered an invalid amount.

What? Why? I had typed everything very correctly---the amount, account number, telephone number, batch number, etc. What's wrong?

I checked my e-mail ---no confirmation.

No one from pgx was online to help me figure out my next move so I will get the money which I transferred to their account.

I am not stopping here. I know something is not right and I need an explanation from the admin of

Where now is my money?

I am waiting for them to do something about this. I know that they have a name and credibility to protect. And I don't think pgx is into scamming. I need for them to prove to me that it is a legitimate and reliable site.

I went back to my e-gold account: $0.01 because I had transferred $29.91 to pgx.

I checked my e-mail for confirmation from pgx---NOTHING!

In other words, all my efforts for nothing?

Pinoy Gold Exchange----will you please explain this?

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Santi said...

Hi there,

I was scanning the internet when i chanced upon this site. I sincerely hope this transaction was resolved.

Thanks and God Bless.