Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visiting and leaving comments help get traffic

As you can see, I have a counter on every blog I have. Although the visits I get daily aren't much to speak of yet, I know that there are people who come and visit this blog when the number on the counter changes. But what is strange to me though is the fact that those who visit never take the opportunity of "pushing their product" by leaving a comment and at the end, their url. It's a golden opportunity for traffic wasted.

We are all aware that we new bloggers share the same problem--increasing traffic. Yet, we do not take this opportunity of leaving a comment and our url along with it. I notice this in all my four blogs. I know that there are visitors but they just look around and go.

It does not cost you a penny to leave a comment plus a link. You only increase your chance of gaining traffic by being more visible.


Stephen said...

You are so right about this topic. Thanks for your comment on MY BLOG, and for promising to link up as I have done now. I have a ton of great ideas on MY BLOG about generating targeted, unlimited traffic (at the bottom). Peace!

beautifullyblessed said...

You are so right about people visiting blogs/sites and not leaving comments. It IS a golden opportunity to get yourself exposed to the online community by leaving your link after your comment. I even have a section on my blog encouraging people to leave their links. It's coming along slowly but surely.

Nice blog anyway...very informative with lots of good content.

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...and leave a comment of course! :)

cybershop said...

This is so true, especially to me. Just before I visit your blog, I have viewed a lot already and I am really hesitant to leave a comment or any trace at all. ^_^ Funny yeah! This is because whenever I see good blogs I feel inferior compared to my blog. I am just starting out to this kind of thing and I dont know really if I am at the right track. I am totally clueless, so I visit other blogs just to give me an idea on what to do or just an inspiration to push through with my blog. If you can give me comments and advice on what to do with my blog, or what seems to be wrong about it, I will gladly appreciate it.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Have you tired asking for more comments from visitors explain it helps your search engine ranking? I was thinking of doing this myself but unsure of blog etiquette.