Monday, May 7, 2007

start with a bang

One mistake people make who want to make money online is to submit or publish their websites without regard for their quality. This sense of haste or impatience often leads to failure in terms of getting the attention of visitors which seems to be the end-all and be-all of any site's continued existence.

Getting traffic should start long before your site gets viewed by anyone. Do not make the mistake most website owners make of rushing the site for publication in order to make money. No. See to it that before your site is out that it has already all the ingredients of a good website. With this, there are big chances for it to be visited and revisited.

What are the ingredients of a good site? Let us make that as our next blog entry.

In the meantime, don't forget today's tip: Start with a big bang! Create a really good website before publishing it.


karlj said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right Ms. Rarity. I realized that we should be patient and need to prepare everything. Starting with a "bang" in creating and launching the site is a great factor to really attract quality traffics to our site. This article really helps. Thank you and more power!


rarity said...

HI, Karl. Thanks for the visit. I hope to see your new site soon.

karlj said...

Your welcome Ma'am. I hope to launch it soon but like you said in this blog, I should start with a bang. I'll visit this site everytime I'll be surfing the net!
More power to your blog!

rarity said...

Sure. That's my daughter's secret to her website---come out only when you're looking excellent.